eZVC Series

eZVC Series

EOS Power is pleased to announce the release of its newest product the 'eZVC 20-65`. This new miniature and energy efficient product series of external desktop adaptors will be available from 20 to 65 Watts in Audio/video, Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and Medical grade complying with the latest energy efficiency level VI standards.
It will be available with standard jack plug connectors and customized DC connection options upon request. AC Input C6/C8/C14 standard and modified options will be available in the same product size. These adaptors suit a wide variety of cost-sensitive industrial and medical applications while maintaining industry-leading performance.
New eZVC 20-65 W Adapter series will replace EOS SG/FS/NS/EVC/MVC series of adapters.

  • Energy Efficiency Level VI
  • Medical and ITAV Approvals
  • C6, C8, C14 Input type option
  • Output Voltage from 12 V to 58 V
  • IEC/EN/UL 62368-1:2018 Class I and Class II
  • IEC/EN/ANSI/AAMI 60601-1 AMD1 Class I and Class II
  • EN 60601-1-2 4th edition
  • LPS Limited Power Source
  • DC LED Signal options
  • Miniature size

Input Specifications
Input Voltage 90-264 VAC, Universal                                                                                              
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Input Current 1.7 A max @ 90 VAC
Inrush Current 75 A @ 230 VAC, cold start at 25 °C
No Load Input Power 150 mW
Input Protection Internal fuse in both line and neutral
Output Specifications
Output Voltage From 12V to 58V (Refer model number matrix table)                                                                                  
Minimum Load 0.0 A
Start Up Delay 4s
Start Up Rise Time 55 ms typical
Hold-up Time Full Load > 10 ms typical full load at 115 VAC
Total Regulation +/-0.5 % (refer See Models and Ratings table)
Transient Response 50-75% step load change, at 0.1A/uS slew rate, 50% duty cycle, 100Hz=5%, recovery time < 5 ms
Ripple1 2.0 % max for all outputs, 2% max for 12V & 15V.
Overload Protection 110 to 160 %
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode / Auto Recovery
Temperature Coefficient 0.05 % / °C
General Specifications
Efficiency 92 %(48V), 91 % (24V), 90 % (12V,15V) typical @ 230VAC full load                                          
Energy Efficiency Level VI
Isolation Voltage Input to Output – 4000 VAC (Input to Output, 2 x MOPP),
Input to GND - 1500 VAC (Class I version only),
Output to GND - 1500 VAC (Not Applicable For Class II option)
Leakage Current < 300uA @ 115VAC and < 400uA @ 230VAC Touch current < 100uA
MTBF 250 kHrs
Switching Frequency PWM – 24-160 KHz
Dimensions 4.25 x 1.81 x 1.16 inches
(107.9 x 45.9 x 29.4 mm)
Weight 300 gm approx
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0 to + 40°C, (-40 to 0°C startup is guaranteed with spec deviation)2                                                          
Storage Temperature -20 to +70°C
Relative Humidity 20 % to 90 % RH, non-condensing
Altitude 5000 m
Shock 1 m drop onto concrete on each of 6 axes, non operating
Vibration 10 to 300 Hz
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC20FS12E12 V1.66 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC20FS15E15 V1.33 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC20FS19E19 V1.05 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC20FS24E24 V0.83 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC20FS48E48 V0.41 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC20FS58E58 V0.34 A0.0 A< 2%
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC30FS12E12 V2.5 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC30FS15E15 V2 A 0.0 A< 2%
eZVC30FS19E19 V1.58 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC30FS24E24 V1.25 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC30FS48E48 V0.63 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC30FS58E58 V0.52 A0.0 A< 2%
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC36FS12E12 V3 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC36FS15E15 V2.4 A 0.0 A< 2%
eZVC36FS19E19 V1.89 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC36FS24E24 V1.5 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC36FS48E48 V0.75 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC36FS58E58 V0.62 A0.0 A< 2%
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC45FS12E12 V3.75 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC45FS15E15 V3 A 0.0 A< 2%
eZVC45FS19E19 V2.37 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC45FS24E24 V1.88 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC45FS48E48 V0.93 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC45FS58E58 V0.77 A0.0 A< 2%
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC55SG12E12 V4.58 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC55SG15E15 V3.66 A 0.0 A< 2%
Model Number Voltage Max. Load Min. Load Ripple1
eZVC65SG19E19 V3.42 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC65SG24E24 V2.7 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC65SG48E48 V1.35 A0.0 A< 2%
eZVC65SG58E58 V1.12 A0.0 A< 2%
Ordering defination
Series NameWattage
(eg. 20/30/45/55/65)
Sub Code
(eg. 2 alpha characters i.e. FS/SG or Blank)
Output Voltage
(eg. 12,15,19, 24,48, 58 etc.)
Cord Type6 - C6 (Class I),
8 - C8 (Class II),
4 - C14 (Class I)
Medical Option
  1. Total regulation includes initial set accuracy, line and load regulation.
  2. Typical average value measured at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% at 230 VAC.
  3. -M suffix to be added for Medical version.
  4. LED indication optional on request to your sales representative.
  5. Please enquire with EOS Sales Rep before ordering correct required adaptor model number.
Parameter Conditions/Description Criteria
Conducted Emissions EN55032-B Pass
Radiated Emissions EN 55032-B Pass
Input Current Harmonics EN 61000-3-2 Class A
Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker EN61000-3-3 Pass
ESD Immunity EN 61000-4-2 ±8 kV contact, ±15 kV air, Criterion A
Radiated Field Immunity EN 61000-4-3 10 V/m, Criterion A
Electrical Fast Transient Immunity EN 61000-4-4 Level 3, Criterion A
Surge Immunity EN 61000-4-5 Level 3, Criterion A
Conducted Immunity EN 61000-4-6 Level 3, Criterion A
Magnetic Field Immunity EN 61000-4-8 30 A/m, Criterion A
Voltage dips, interruptions EN 61000-4-11 Criterion B
EN 60601-1-2 Criterion B
CE Mark Complies with LVD Directive
Safety Standard(s): Information Technology UL 62368-1 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14
EN62368-1:2020, A11
Safety Standard(s): Medical, 2 x MOPP ANSI /AAMI 60601-1 -1 AMD1 & CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1-1 AMD1
Approval Agency Nemko, UL, C-UL
Safety File Number(s): Information Technology UL Certificate No : Pending, CB Test Certificate No : NO117243/A1, Nemko Certificate No : P21225399,
Safety File Number(s): Medical UL Certificate No : E173812-D1011-1A0C0, CB Test Certificate No : NO118626, Nemko Certificate No : P21225596
Mechanical Specifications
  1. Output plug: ø5.5 x ø2.5 x 11.0mm, centre positive.

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