Regulatory and Compliance

The EOS Power products have various safety approvals which ensure adherence to strict international safety requirements.

ITE 60950, AV 60065, AVICTE 62368-1


Medical 60601 3rd Ed & 4th Ed (EMC), MEAS 61010


The EOS Power safety engineering personnel have years of experience in system pre-approval, power supply approval and third party agency submissions. We are experienced in multiple areas of certification and pre-approval including Medical, ITE, AV, AVICTE and Control & Measurement.

EOS Compliance Team:

The EOS Power Compliance Team ensures that the EOS facility under the aegis of various agencies and bodies like UL, Nemko, IECEE, VDE, CCC , etc., produce products that conform to their strict standards and follow up inspection controls per CIG 023.

How is this guaranteed?

EOS is a UL Client Test Data Program participant for multiple standards. CERT Link

What are the added benefits?

  • Increased control over the timing and schedule for our product testing and certification programs.
  • Any delays due to non-conforming test results during the approval process are quickly dealt with by the EOS Compliance team resulting in faster resolution.
  • UL decreased TAT “turnaround time“. The EOS Compliance team sends the complete test/data pack to the testing agency which ensures our customers see faster approval times, speedier market access and flexibility.
  • EOS can and does conduct end customer application testing at the EOS Power facilities. This ensures a flexible and fast approach for the customer to obtain certifications for their products.

Does EOS Power have any enhanced safety controls?

Yes, the EOS Power safety Compliance laboratory is IECEE CTF3 accredited under Nemko, a NCB. This approval reinforces the commitment to test all EOS products under the IECEE Supervised Manufacturers testing program as our labs facilities and staff are found to comply with the requirements of the latest Editions of the basic rules, procedures and the applicable requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 for the testing of electro technical equipment and components as specified under the IECEE operational documents.

What is the scope?

The standards and/or specialized testing against which the EOS Compliance Laboratory has been accepted to operate under the CB, CB-FCS schemes can be referenced by checking here

The EOS Power Compliance team can help you navigate the world of safety Compliances with care and ease making the world a safer place.