MWLP Blue Series offers the size conscious customer industry leading watts per cubic inch in height profiles ranging from 25 mm to 30 mm in industry standard footprints. The Blue Series allows customers shrink their applications without compromising on power, quality or functionality.

  • 5 x 3 x 1 Inches Form factor.
  • 350 Watts with Forced Air Cooling & 200 Watts Convection Cooling.
  • Efficiencies up to 94 %.
  • -40 to 70 degree operating temperature*
  • 12V/0.5A Fan Output, Thermal Shut-Down feature.
  • 2.56m Hours, Telcordia -SR332-issue 3 MTBF.
  • No Load Power < 0.5W.
  • 7 Year Extended Warranty Option.
  • Medical (BF) Safety Approvals.
  • Meets standard IEC60601-1-2 : 2014 (4th Edition).

WLP350-CK Series

Input Specifications
Input Voltage 90-264 VAC/390 VDC, Universal (Derate from 100 % at 100V AC to 90 % at 90V AC)
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Input Current 3.6 A max @ 115 VAC AND 1.8 A max @ 230 VAC
No Load Power less than 0.5W typical
Inrush Current 25 A @ 115 VAC; 45 A @ 230 VAC; 75 A @ 264 VAC
Output Specifications
Output Voltage From 12V to 58V (Refer model number matrix table)                                                 
Output Power up to 350W with 375 LFM, up to 200W Convection
Output Voltage Adjustment +/-3 %
Hold-up Time Full Load : 8 ms typical
Line Regulation +/-0.5 %
Load Regulation +/-1.0 %
Minimum Load 0.0 A
Transient Response max excursion 5 %; 50-100% step load change at 0.1A/uS slew rate, 50 % duty cycle, 50/60Hz, recovery time < 5 ms.
Ripple1 1.0 % max for all outputs.
Rise Time 55 ms typical
Set Point Tolerance +/-1 %
Over Current Protection >110 %, Hiccup mode / Auto Recovery
Over Voltage Protection 110 to 140 %, Hiccup mode / Auto Recovery
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode / Auto Recovery
Cooling up to 350W with 375 LFM forced air cooling at 100 to 264 VAC
up to 200W with natural convection cooling at 100 to 264 VAC.
General Specifications
Efficiency 94 % (48V,58V), 93 %(24V,30V), 92 % (12V,15V)                                                               
Isolation Voltage Input to Output – 4000 VAC medical applications.
Input to GND - 1500 VAC , Output to GND- 1500VAC for type BF , 500 VAC for type B
MTBF 2.56m Hours, Telcordia -SR332-issue 3
Switching Frequency PFC – 70 to 130 KHz ,PWM – 50-80 KHz
Power Factor Exceeds 0.95 with Full Load
Leakage Current 300 uA Typical,     Touch current <100uA
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 inches
(127 x 76.2x 25.4 mm)
Weight 300 gm approx
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature2 - 40 to +70°C, (-40 to 0°C startup is guaranteed with spec deviation)2                                                     
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Relative Humidity 5 % to 95 %, noncondensing
Altitude Operating: 16,000 ft.; Non-operating: 40,000 ft
Model Number Power Voltage Max. Load (Convection)
Max. Load (Convection)
(375 LFM)
LFMWLP350-1001300 W12 V15 A25 A
LFMWLP350-1301225 W12 V15 A18.75 A
LFMWLP350-1002325 W15 V12 A21.67 A
LFMWLP350-1302270 W15 V12 A18 A
LFMWLP350-1X03350 W24 V8.33 A14.60 A
LFMWLP350-1X04350 W48 V4.17 A7.30 A
LFMWLP350-1X05350 W30 V6.67 A11.67 A
LFMWLP350-1X06350 W58 V3.45 A6.04 A
For Screw Terminal version replace "X" above with "0", example LFMWLP350-1005.
For Header version replace "X" above with "3", example LFMWLP350-1305.
LFWLP350-CK metal cover kit accessory available.
To order extended warranty product add the suffix –EX to your required part number3, example -LFMWLP350-1001-EX (See Note 3)
General Notes:
  • Combined output power of main output, fan supply shall not exceed max. Power rating.
  • Fan supply output voltage tolerance including set point accuracy, line and load regulation is +/-10 % and Ripple and noise is less than 10 %.
  • Specifications are for nominal input voltage, 25°C unless otherwise stated.
  • Thermal shutdown feature : The power supply goes in hiccup mode when the temperature of PCB exceeds 110 °C (+/-10 °C).
  • When used in Cover Kit, de-rate output power to 70 % under all operating conditions
  • Class II version available, Add "-II" suffix at the end of the Model Number."
  1. Ripple is peak to peak with 20 MHz bandwidth and 10 μF (Electrolytic capacitor) in parallel with a 0.1 μF capacitor at rated line voltage and load ranges.
  2. Output ripple can be more than 10 % of the output voltage.
  3. .The extended warranty period is 7 years from the date of manufacture and will continue for 6 months thereafter to allow for transport and stock holding prior to end customer receipt.
    The extended warranty is a “return to base” warranty and does not imply a guarantee of 7 year operation. The standard EOS warranty T & C’s apply for the extended warranty period.
    Refer to your local EOS representative for further details.
Derating Curve
WLP120 Convection load: 180W up to 50 °C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C

Forced air cooled load : 300W up to 50°C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C
WLP120 Convection load: 180W up to 50 °C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C

Forced air cooled load : 325W up to 50°C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C
WLP120 Convection load: 200W up to 50 °C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C

Forced air cooled load : 350W up to 50°C
De-rate above 50 °C @ 2.5 % per °C
Derating Curve Note : Between -40 to 0°C startup is guaranteed with spec deviation3
Parameter Conditions/Description Criteria
Conducted Emissions EN 55011-B,CISPR22-B, FCC PART15-B Pass
Radiated Emissions EN 55011 A Pass
Level B with external core (King core K5B RC 25x12x15-M in input cable)
Input Current Harmonics EN 61000-3-2 Class D
Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker EN 61000-3-3 Pass
ESD Immunity EN 61000-4-2 Level 4, Criterion A
Radiated Field Immunity EN 61000-4-3 Level 3, Criterion A
Electrical Fast Transient Immunity EN 61000-4-4 Level 3, Criterion A
Surge Immunity EN 61000-4-5 Level 4, Criterion A
Conducted Immunity EN 61000-4-6 Level 3, Criterion A
Magnetic Field Immunity EN 61000-4-8 Level 4, Criterion A
Voltage dips, interruptions EN 61000-4-11 Criterion B
CE Mark Complies with LVD Directive
Safety Standard(s) EN60601-1, IEC 60601-1 (ed.3), ANSI / AAMI ES 60601 - 1, CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1
Approval Agency Nemko, UL, C-UL
Safety File Number(s) Class-I : UL: Certificate Number 20150302-E173812,Nemko: Certificate No.P15219413,IEC Ref. Certif. No.: NO85143
Class-II : Nemko: Certificate No.P15219458, IEC Ref. Certif. No.: NO85357
CB Class - I Certificate
CB Class - II Certificate
Nemko Class - I Certificate
Nemko Class - II Certificate
UL Class - I Certificate
Mechanical Specifications
AC Input Connector (J1) Molex: 26-60-4030
Mating: 09-50-3031; Pins: 08-50-0106
Pin 1
Pin 2
Pin 3
DC Ouput Connector (J2) Option 1
(Screw Terminal)
6-32 inches Screw Pan HD
Mating: Designed to accept Ring Tongue Terminal AMP : 8-31886-1,
wherein one 16 AWG(max) wire can be crimped.
Note : One Ring Tongue Terminal with 16 AWG is recommended for current up to 11A only.
Use multiple tongue terminals with wire for more current.
Pin 1
Pin 2
V1 +VE
V1 -VE
DC Ouput Connector (J2) Option 2
(Molex Connector)
Molex: 26-60-4080
Mating: 09-50-3081; Pins: 08-50-0106
Pin 1,2,3,4
Pin 5,6,7,8
V1 +VE
V1 -VE
Aux (Fan) Output(J3) AMP :640456-2
Mating: 640440-2
Pin 1
Pin 2
EARTH (J4) Molex: 19705-4301
Mating: 19003-0001
Screw Terminal
Tyco Header
    General Notes: In case the PCB is mounted in a metal enclosure, using metal hardware ensure the following
  1. Stand off, used to mount PCB has OD of 5.4 mm max.
  2. Screws, used to fix PCB on stand off, have head dia of 6.0 mm max.
  3. Washer, if used, to have dia of 6.5 mm max.
Safety Certificate
CB Class - I Certificate
CB Class - II Certificate
Nemko Class - I Certificate
Nemko Class - II Certificate
UL Class - I Certificate

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